Dive into the metaverse

- Who we are -

IT and Creative Specialists

We are a young, mixed team of professional software developers and generalists with a great network to creative 3D artists, visionary storytellers and dedicated designers. Our consulting and software development branch is a part of Edataconsulting.

- What we do -

Augmented and Virtual Reality

We have long-term professional experience within the industry working for over a decade in aviation, logistics, big data handling, backend systems, web technology, augmented and virtual reality plus software development, consulting and distribution.

Experience the metaverse

- The story behind -

15 years Experience - Europe-wide

Our mixed reality team has more than 15 years of experience working with 3D / AR / VR technology and our 3D developers know what they are doing when they talk about cutting edge real-time 3D graphics for the metaverse! We also have a broad network of external experts to scale to your needs.

- Our offer -

Top-Service for Our Clients

We take stability and software testing seriously to have a 24/7 system up and running for you and your own clients. Our team is supported by professional user experience designers & developers to give you the best and most productive software solution.

Augmented and virtual reality at its best

The metaverse describes a digitally created or enhanced spatial universe we all will live in. Visual technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are on their rise and will forever change our world and how we interact with it - how we will communicate with other human or artificial beings and how we will learn and process information in the future. We will meet friends there, go to work within its space, have fun and be creative in the metaverse! The new technology will help us to be more human in a digital, spatial mixed reality environment.

Metaverso is your starting point into this metaverse. Create your virtual or augmented reality vision with our help. Join the creative journey and bring great immersive worlds and products to life with us and our technical expertise. Let´s build the metaverse!


  •  Do you have a business inquiry and want to start your own project in AR or VR?
  • Looking for support with a concept or technical execution?
  • Interested in student theses, projects or in creating your own game?
  • You need to present the technology to your company or organization?
  • You want to try out AR or VR hands-on?


Then you've come to the right place!

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