Please find below some of our projects we are allowed and happy to share.

MRO-Training in VR: “Experience-Based Training”

Join us in our latest project using cutting edge technology: Haptics. This technology allows the full tracking of the hands, finger by finger, while providing a force feedback enabled when touching or grabbing objects, bringing a new degree of immersion. Excellent for training and formation; learn by doing with the advantages of having all the available resources at hand: include the materials from the computer-based training, create interactive lessons, consult manuals and part descriptions. All of it at the ease of being in the hangar and use your hands naturally without any of the risk and costs of interacting with real heavy machinery. Wear the gloves on and feel a virtual experience now closer to reality than ever.

DataVizVR – Medical Image Analysis in Virtual Reality

We present a novel way to work on cytometry tasks for cell and tissue analysis for medical experts. The Virtual Reality solution allows to load scan data from huge image databases in real-time, to zoom in and out freely and to overlay marker information as layers to get the job done quicker and more accurate than ever. This pilot was developed in colaboration with the German company Zellkraftwerk. We established a database connection to their productive solution titled “DataViz” and offer an intuitive VR package on top. In future versions we want to extend this expert tool to allow remote meetings and cooperation to support better medical diagnosis further.

Sciene Week AR Application 2019

edataconsulting created another app for the Science Week of Las Palmas de Granaria. In 2019 we gave interactive lessons to explain the technology of CGI, 3D, AR and VR to students and shared this app with all students. Our Chemistry AR app lets you learn about the periodic table and molecular combinations. You can bring together elements to build molecules, e.g. create water by bringing together the paper tiles of H2 and O. Our augmented reality application is a playful way to learn interactively. Enjoy the video!

Digital Twins of real buildings in VR (Visit our office)

We’ve created a digital twin of our Las Palmas office to show the possibilities of Virtual Reality for telepresence and virtual visits of existing and to-be-constructed offices, hotels, venues or other places. Please feel free to visit our offices now digitally and find some of our hidden Easter eggs and project references! Enjoy!

You can also download the demo on Steam and give it a go:

Science Week AR Demo 2018 (Museo Elder, Las Palmas)

edataconsulting created an augmented reality game called “Pirate Basket” for the Science Week 2018 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It was produced for The Museum of Science and Technology, the “Museo Elder” at the Santa Catalina Park in Las Palmas. Focus was to explain AR to children in a playful way. Please, enjoy the video! Hooray for science!